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Tuina Massage

Like the idea and philosophy behind acupuncture but scared of needles? Why not try Tuina Massage...

Tuina Massage is a traditional Chinese massage utilising finger and elbow pressure, grasping, stretching, rolling, kneading and rubbing to stimulate the body. Tuina means ‘push and grasp’ and can be used to treat specific conditions following the same theory as acupuncture, or as a general massage to promote wellbeing and relaxation.

Whilst a relatively new therapy in this country, Tuina Massage was first used in China during the Han Dynasty 2,000 years ago. Widely used today throughout China where all major hospitals have a Tuina department, it is also the Chinese medicine treatment of choice for children.

Tuina Massage practitioners work on the principle of balancing the Yin and Yang of the body by working along energy pathways (meridians) and specific areas of the body. The diagnosis and theory behind Tuina is the same as that used to select acupuncture and acupressure points. A Tuina Massage session is tailored to your individual constitution and energy flow to make it a unique and revitalising experience.

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