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The process of burning a herb called mugwort is known as moxabustion. This technique has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Some historians believe that moxabustion may even pre-date acupuncture. The dried herb comes in many different forms including loose, rolled, needle ready, and smokeless.

The energetic property of moxa is warming, moving and tonifying. Traditionally the technique of moxabustion is used with the aim of increasing blood and energy circulation, and relieving pain. It is also warming for patients who suffer from cold, or a deficiency of the warming Yang energy.

In the west, the most famous modern application of this therapy is that of turning a breech baby. Many midwives recommend moxabustion treatment to pregnant mothers for babies that are still breech when they should be head down. Amanda often uses this particular treatment between weeks 34 and 38 of pregnancy.