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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Preliminary evidence suggests that Chinese herbal medicine is a useful treatment for a wide variety of disorders. Herbs are selected by the practitioner for their energetic properties with the aim of correcting imbalances in the body.

In the UK only plant-based herbs are prescribed, as it is illegal to include any animal or mineral products. The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine strictly controls herb quality in this country, making herbal products from their approved suppliers safe and of a high standard.

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Amanda primarily works with herbs in concentrated powder and tablet form. These are very easy to take with warm water and convenient to transport around with you. Each herbal formula contains many different herbs. Chinese herbal medicine can be used as a stand-alone therapy, and as an adjunct to acupuncture treatment.

The Energetics of Herbs:

  • Pungent herbs are dispersing and moving and relieve stagnation

  • Sweet herbs are tonifying and treat deficient energy

  • Sour herbs are astringent and stop bleeding or sweating

  • Bitter herbs are drying and eliminate heat

  • Salty herbs sink downwards and disperse masses

The colour and appearance of a herb also dictates its energetic. Herb formulas combine together several herbs to target specific conditions or areas of the body.