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Western Fertility
Treatments IVF & IUI

Acupuncture and Western Fertility Treatments (IVF / IUI)
Acupuncture may help in the treatment of infertility by:

  • regulating fertility hormones (Anderson 2007)

  • increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs (Ho 2009, Anderson 2007), which can improve the thickness of the endometrial lining, so increasing the chances of embryo implantation

  • increasing egg production (Jin 2009) and improving oocyte quality (Chen 2009), which could increase the chance of fertilisation

  • enhancing luteal function (Huang 2009)

  • regulating follicle stimulation hormone-receptor expression (Jin 2009)

  • normalising cortisol and prolactin levels on IVF medication days (Magarelli 2008)

  • reducing stress (Anderson 2007)

  • promoting embryo implantation (Liu 2008)

Amanda has been working with acupuncture around IVF and IUI cycles since 2003.