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Cupping has recently been brought to public attention by Gwyneth Paltrow sporting two marks on her back. However, cupping is in fact another Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy dating back to at least 300AD in China. The therapy has also been used in folk medicine in Eastern Europe, Greece, Mexico and Vietnam. In the Middle East it is called 'pull with air' or 'bod-kesh', and it has also been used in Jewish folk remedies where the Yiddish name is 'bankes'.

In cupping therapy a vacuum is created within a glass cup so that it sticks onto the body. The skin and superficial muscle layer is gently drawn up into the cup. The sensation is not unpleasant, in fact many patients find it immediately relieves tension and has a calming effect. Cupping can also be used as a form of moving massage where oil is applied first and the cups are then glided along the body. When used this way cupping feels like a deep massage and is often requested by patients again and again.

According to the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, recent studies have been done on cupping treatment for frozen shoulder, acute trigeminal neuralgia, acne, urticaria and fever. Like all TCM therapies, cupping can be used alone, or combined with acupuncture or massage.

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