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Baby Harry
Baby Harry's mum had acupuncture treatments prior to conceiving and throughout her pregnancy.

She says "He's a really good baby sleeps most of the time and only cries when he's hungry, all the midwives have said what a calm baby he is and I think that's all down to you and the treatments you gave me during the pregnancy, I can't thank you enough for that!"


Baby Charlie

Baby Charlie was conceived after his mum had three acupuncture treatments with Amanda. Her previous son had taken her 6 years of trying and 4 cycles of IVF, so she was extremely pleased.

Charlie's mum continued to have acupuncture throughout the pregnancy and beyond.


Baby Rachele

Baby Rachele's mother had suffered from recurrent miscarriage prior to this pregnancy. Amanda treated her with acupuncture throughout the pregnancy, using techniques to raise the energy in the uterus and also cool and calm the mother. Baby Rachele arrived safe and sound on her due date.


Baby Victor

Baby Victor had not arrived on his due date, and his mother was keen to avoid a chemical induction. She came for an acupuncture induction treatment with Amanda. Ten hours after this treatment she had two Braxton Hicks contractions and felt little Victor move down. Amanda repeated the treatment two days later and ten hours after this treatment her waters broke. Victor was born 13 hours later.


Baby John

Baby John's mum originally came for treatment to harmonise her menstrual cycle with a view to trying to conceive. A few months after her initial treatment she became pregnant and continued to have treatment throughout the entire pregnancy to combat morning sickness, headaches, low energy levels and back pain.

Baby John arrived safely following some preparation for birth and acupuncture induction treatments and his mum also had post birth treatments to top up her energy.

Baby Amber

Baby Amber's mum came for acupuncture treatment initially to combat morning sickness at week 6. The treatment helped settle her nausea, and she also found it stopped her feeling anxious.

Amanda continued to treat her for back pain, headaches and low energy up until Baby Amber arrived.



Baby Michael
Baby Michael's mum initially came to Amanda for acupuncture treatment for fertility. She had been trying for a couple of years with no success, but after 6 months of acupuncture treatment she fell pregnant.

She continued to have acupuncture throughout her pregnancy.


"More babies coming soon."